"Only a fool learns from experience. I learn from the experience of others".
- Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898)

Customer comments

Here is some of the feedback we have received from customers:

"An excellent course with good interaction between group and the trainer and at exactly the right level".

"Excellent use of questions (rather than teaching/preaching) to get us as a team to address the issues'.

"A very strong series of sessions and a very good opportunity to reflect and pick up advice. Would be happy to attend another course facilitated by the Presenter".

"I found the trainers to be well sensed in the subject matter and they made the course content interesting".

"Excellently delivered. The 1st course I have been on without even 1 'heavy eyes' moment. Interesting throughout. Well done. Probably the best trainers I've been with'.

'I wish to express my sincere thanks for the way both trainers, showed their experience and knowledge to us as a whole. Both were very approachable and showed a willingness to possibly go beyond the course outlines and explain any point".

"Possibly the best course I have been on, great location, trainers and excellent facilities, great staff also, thanks".

"Excellent presenters, extremely knowledgeable and approachable".

"The course content was presented clearly and Logically".

"No improvements necessary, very worthwhile course, Excellent presenter".

"Really useful networking opportunity and awareness raising session".

"New to emergency planning vey useful insight to the higher level 'stuff'".

"Overall a valuable and informative course and a long overdue update for me".

"Both presentations and the exercise were at their most informative when real life events and personal experience were introduced".

"Found the course to be very informative and interesting overall".

"The exercises were really good and gave an idea of individual's roles in a Military Aid to Civil Authorities type operations. I would have liked longer to really get into the parochial detail, although understand the time pressures"!

"Very good course, relevant to role and provided great opportunity to interact".

"Enjoyable day, interesting presentations and resulted in increasing awareness. Speaker was widely knowledgeable".

"Really good use of videos and sound bite audio".

"Felt the course met its objectives exceptionally well".


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